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Soft Material Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates Web Apps & UI Kit Dashboards

Soft Material Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates is a fully responsive admin dashboard template for job analytical data. Modern looking HTML Template on Bootstrap 4 Stable platform. You can track and analyze your job statistics from our HTML template plugins and widgets. Soft Material Admin can be used by developers developing web applications like custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard, application backend, CMS, CRM, business website, corporate, portfolio, blog, etc.

More than 100+ features and with widgets and plugins are included here to make your work easier.

Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates




Soft Material Premium Admin Template Provides Dashboard and it consists of RVU’s by Provider (Monthly), Current Accounts Receivable Aging, Monthly Charges and Collections, Current Collections by Day, and Total AR by Payer.


Soft Material Admin Panel Template Provides App and it consists of Chat App, Contact/Employee, Support Ticket, Userlist, Calendar, Emails, Profile, and Userlist Grid.

Sample Pages

Soft Material Premium Admin Template Provides Pages and it consists of Blank, Coming Soon, Custom Scrolls, FAQ, Gallery, Invoice, Pace, Lightbox Popup, and Pricing.

Google Map

Soft Material Bootstrap Admin HTML Templates Provides Google Map and consists of Simple Basic Map, Market with Info window, Over Layer Map, Polygonal Map, Routes Map, and Styled Map.

Vector Map

Soft Material Bootstrap Admin Web App Templates Provides Vector Map and it consists of World Map.


Soft Material Dashboard Admin Template Provides Authentication and it consists of Login, Register, Lockscreen, and Recover Password.

Error Pages

Soft Material Admin Dashboard Template Provides Error Pages and it consists of 404, 500, and Maintenance.

UI Elements

Soft Material Premium Admin Template Provides UI Elements and it consists of Buttons, Border, Color, Dropdown, General, Icons, Advanced Medias, Modals, Notification, Draggable Portlets, Ribbons, Sliders, Bootstrap Switch, Sweet alert, Tabs, Horizontal, and Timeline.

Forms & Widgets

Soft Material Admin Dashboard UI Kit Template Provides Forms & Widgets and it consists of Advanced Elements, Code Editor, Markdown, Editors, Form Validation, Form Wizard, General Elements, Formatter, Xeditable Editor, Blog, Chart, List, Social, Statistic, Weather, and Widgets.

Charts & Tables

Soft Material Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Provides Charts & Tables and it consists of ChartJS, Flot, Inline Charts, Morris, Peity, Simple Tables, Data Tables, Editable Tables, and Table Color.