8 Amazing Secrets that will make Your Website and Mobile Business App Successful

Technology evolved spectacularly in the past years, ending up today to use mobile apps for almost anything. They are fun and easy to use and they end up being designed for very many various purposes. If your business doesn’t provide a mobile app just yet, so should get on it and develop one as soon as possible. It will help you increase your popularity and win more customers on your side, by allowing them to use their favorite device while looking for what they need. You may think that there are already way too many apps out there, so how can you make sure that your business app will get noticed and used by a significant number of people. Well, if you have in mind the following 7 secrets, you will be able to enjoy a successful business website design and app.

1. Find the best strategy
Don’t rush into developing a business app, because a well-built strategy can take your app a long way. How to do it right? Does some thorough research first, unroll surveys, and interview people in your customer niche, to understand their needs and preferences better.

2. Go for the ideal design
The design of an app weighs a lot in its success. With an ever-changing market, it is highly advisable to opt for a scalable design, which can be changed and adapted according to needs and trends.

3. Make sure it works without errors
Keep in mind that app users are looking to find an attractive and very easy to use app, with features that can be discovered right away. This also means to make sure that your app works flawlessly, because if not, you may lose a lot of users in a very short time.

4. Customer on-boarding should be effective
Make sure this step of the process is done by the book because it significantly impacts whether the app will end up being successful or not. The on-boarding should be, as well, free of errors and efficient when it comes to functionality, because this will definitely leave an impression on your app’s users and will make them use your future apps too.

5. Keep user input down to a minimum
No one enjoys wasting time in order to provide all sorts of information before being able to enjoy an app. And when you think about the fact that a small screen makes this even more unpleasant, you should definitely keep this part as short and simple as possible.

6. Provide a user-friendly interface with glance-ability
The user interface should not be used just to provide an attractive design and easy use of the app. It should also allow the user to have a glance at how the app works, persuading him to stay on it a bit longer and discover more of the app’s features.

7. Make the app highly available
Bear in mind that there are several operating systems, platforms, and devices out there, so your app should be accessible on as many of these as possible. You should not condition users to use a particular platform or device in order to enjoy your app, because that certainly won’t get you anywhere.

8. Offline experiences are important as well
Being able to use an app offline is highly important as well. There are moments when a user’s device goes offline and this should not limit the use of the app. Find a way to make your business app work offline and users will definitely remember you.

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Important Aspects of Website Development, Internet Marketing and SEO for the Success of your Small Business

Aspects that will make you understand the importance of SEO for the success of your small business

What is the first goal once you started a small business? You will want to make as many people as possible to become aware of the existence of your business. The Internet Marketing will help you with this, of course, but do you really think that building a site will be enough? The competition on the Internet is extremely harsh and it is not easy at all to get the attention of potential clients. Besides just being present online through a website and social network profile, you need to do more to let people know that you are there. Here is when SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes into the scene. Here are a few aspects that will make you see just how important SEO is for your small business.

  • The brand you promote will become more visible to potential clients

Visibility for your brand is what you need and visibility SEO will provide indeed. SEO will help people notice that you can offer what they are looking for. Regardless if we are talking about products or services, and the domain in which you activate, SEO will use specific keywords, which are used by people when looking for something they are interested in Website Design, to increase your brand’s visibility. The better the SEO is performed, the higher your site will climb on the ranks of search engines, and the more visible it will become.

  • Your business will become more credible

The truth is that people almost never go beyond the results displayed on the first page on search engines. If your site gets there, it means that it is considered as being highly reliable and credible by search engines. This happens because search engines send crawlers to check your Website Development out. If it meets the demands, it will be considered reliable and will be displayed on the first page, inspiring trust to anyone that sees it.

  • The much-needed customer behavior will be unraveled

No more going by chance when it comes to your Online Marketing strategies. Now you can find out fast what works and what doesn’t. Google Analytics is probably one of the most used tools of modern digital marketing, using SEO to monitor traffic towards your website. Then from this traffic and the information it provides, it will let you know what people are looking for, what language are they using, what technology is preferred when browsing the Internet, where they live around the globe, and when they are most active. This provided information can help a lot in creating future marketing campaigns that are more efficient and successful.

  • Provides organic traffic

The best part of SEO is that it is not pushing people to engage with your business and brand. It is not persuasive or bothering. SEO provides something that people already looking for, helping them find what they are interested in. So, instead of forcing your brand into people’s lives, SEO guides them toward your brand, based on their interests and preferences, which creates organic traffic.

Each of the above technical SEO audits can make the measurable impact on your business sales and digital marketing but if you want an instant understanding about your website online marketing strategy and tools then Contact Us at Website Design Marketing Agency for more assistance.

Do you really know why your site needs responsive design?

It is impossible not to notice just how fast mobile device spread around the world. Today, there are numerous sizes of tablets and smartphones, ready to suit the needs and preferences of every user. And things are not going to stop here, as it is expected for the mobile sector to grow even more, as various companies compete in providing the best devices people can buy. So, having all these in mind, it is obvious that website owners have to do something about it. With so many people using mobile devices, they have to make sure that their websites are easily accessible and presentable regardless of the size and type of the chosen device. This is where responsive website design comes into the scene.

  • What is, after all, responsive website design?

The responsive website design allows a website to be used in a proper manner by any type of platform. For example WordPress, OpenCart and Magento in other words, it doesn’t matter what brand or size of the mobile device you will own, because you will be able to access a website with responsive design fast and easy.

  • How did everything start?

Everything started around 2004 when the first mobile devices that were browsing the Internet appeared. Web designers decided to come up with something that will enhance the experience of users online, by creating sites that are flexible and fit on screens of all sizes.

  • How did responsive design become so important?

If we think about the fact that at the time 2016 was ending, 50% of Internet’s users were utilizing mobile devices it is easy to tell the direction in which we are heading. Today, a website risks being ignored if it doesn’t provide responsive design, as visitors may consider it inconvenient. If you need more reasons to choose the responsive design, here are quite a few:

  1. It inspires trust

Yes, website design is that important. Poor website design will make people not trust a site so do think about this when creating your website. For this, you don’t have to opt for complicated website design. A responsive design that is simple and user-friendly will definitely look trustworthy.

  1. Will improve the site’s ranking on Google

Google noticed that there are many mobile device users out there and it considers them very important. So, it will use responsive design as new criteria to rank websites.

  1. User engagement will increase

A site with responsive design will definitely improve your site’s bounce rate, appearing more inviting to visitors, which will want to see what more can you offer. If they leave after just a couple of seconds, more certainly your site is boring and does not meet the latest standards.

  1. Makes people want to follow on social media

Social media networks already have launched their mobile apps, so that people can use them wherever they are and whatever they use. A site that has a responsive design will allow people to share its links this way, sharing the news and increasing the engagement of your website.

What makes the responsive design so different from all the rest?


  1. Flexible images

An image that is oversized will always take too long to load. But when the images will adapt to the screen size of the device, the experience of the user will definitely be much improved.

  1. A layout that is fluid and columns that are adaptable

This means no more cut-offs from a webpage’s content, regardless of the type of device you are using. All the user needs to do to enjoy the info is to scroll down and up on its device.

  1. Easy navigation

Navigation bars will adjust together with the rest of the site’s features, depending on the screen size of the user’s device, keeping its attractive appearance and functionality at all times.

  1. The readable text

It is rather unpleasant to zoom in order to read a text or to bring the device close to your eyes to see what is written. Responsive design will not just adjust the format of a web page, but also the font, to make reading more comfortable.

  1. Viewing of video content

Videos are appreciated by everyone, but they will have to adjust to the screen size of the devices, otherwise, they will not be watched that much.

  1. Links and buttons

Both buttons and links will have to be larger and better positioned when we are talking about mobile device users. Otherwise, they will not be seen and will become useless. Responsive design takes care of this aspect, helping with the improvement of your conversion rates.

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Why it is essential to run A/B tests for the homepage of your site

If you have a website, you need to start considering your homepage the most important part of it. This is the first thing visitors see when accessing your website, being your first chance to impress them and convince them that they have come to the right place. How to make sure that your homepage is optimized in the best way possible? Do know that you can check and optimize every little element on your homepage with the help of A/B tests. If you don’t know how to unroll them, you can easily ask the help of reliable web development company to perform this task for you.

  • Begin the tests from the top

What is the first thing visitors see when accessing your website’s homepage? We are talking about the header of the homepage, the place where your logo is placed and the part where the search bar is located. Believe it or not, but running A/B tests to see how your logo will look in different parts of the header will give you a wider perspective when it comes to making this part of your homepage more presentable. You should also do not miss the chance to test your search bar as well, to make sure that everything runs smoothly. And, do consider adding some language to your search bar, to make it more inviting. Play with various languages during testing and see which one captures the attention of visitors best.

  • Check the Above the Fold content

Before we start talking about this part, you should know that the Above the Fold content is that part of your homepage that can be seen by your visitors without using the scroll at all. Practically, it is your first real opportunity to grab some attention and make people spend more time on your site. The A/B tests will help you see what option will work best in this particular section in order to engage your visitors more. You may want to talk about responsive website design with the web development company you are about to hire for this job, to make sure that regardless of content, your visitors will enjoy top notch design and navigation.

  • But also go Below the Fold

We talked about Above the Fold, so now let’s go below it, by using the scroll to see what else lies on the page. You should encourage visitors to reach this section by allowing only the top of the info boxes available below to be seen from above, without scrolling down. So, make them curious to discover your homepage even more. Once they reach the below section, use image and text alternation to keep both the visitor’s mind and eyesight hooked in. Whatever you do, do not consider this part as being not interesting, because as long as you work hard enough to keep it interesting, everybody will want to scroll down and see what more you have to offer.

  • The footer should also be included

Last, but not least, do make sure to include the footer in the A/B testing as well. The footer should include all kinds of information about your company and adopted policies, such as contact information, social links, newsletter, shipping policy, and so on. Also, do not forget about a call to action in order to see what attracts the attention of your visitors in the best manner. If you are interested in building a WordPress website or you just need an easy to work with and versatile platform, do take into consideration WordPress website development, because you will definitely not feel sorry for making such a choice.