Bootstrap Admin Template

Simplify Operations: Bx-Code Bootstrap Admin Template

Embrace a new era of efficiency and productivity with Bootstrap Admin Template. Crafted with precision and finesse, our template redefines the landscape of admin interfaces, offering developers a seamless experience tailored to elevate their projects. Dive into a world of limitless possibilities where every feature, chart, and widget is designed to empower you. Let’s embark on a journey through our trio of dashboards, each meticulously curated to meet your diverse needs.


Dashboard of Bx-Code Admin

Dashboard – 1


Dashboard – 2


Dashboard – 3



1. Financial Dashboard: Gain Insights, Maximize Profits

Enter the Financial Dashboard, your gateway to financial clarity and control. Track sales, monitor total earnings, and manage expenses with ease. From interactive line charts illustrating sales trends to dynamic pie charts showcasing expense distribution, every element is designed to offer actionable insights. With Bootstrap Admin Template, navigate the financial landscape with confidence and optimize your bottom line.

2. Support Dashboard: Streamline Ticket Management

Efficiently manage customer queries and support tickets with our Support Bootstrap Admin Dashboard. Monitor total tickets, track resolutions, and analyze ticket share per category effortlessly. Visualize ticket trends with dynamic bar charts, organize data with customizable tables, and expedite resolutions with intuitive workflows. Say goodbye to support bottlenecks and hello to streamlined operations with Bootstrap Admin Template.

3. Analytics Dashboard: Uncover Actionable Insights

Navigate the depths of data with our Bootstrap Admin Dashboard, your compass to informed decision-making. Explore income trends, dissect order metrics, and analyze user behavior seamlessly. From comprehensive line charts tracking audience growth to dynamic bar charts comparing visit metrics, every visualization is designed to empower you with actionable insights. With Bx-Code, transform data into your competitive advantage.

Experience the Bx-Code Advantage: Features That Elevate

Bx-Code isn’t just a template; it’s a catalyst for success. With a plethora of features such as customizable layouts, interactive charts, and intuitive UI elements, our template empowers developers to unleash their creativity. Seamlessly transition between pages, navigate with rich icons, and customize dashboards to align with your branding guidelines effortlessly. Whether you’re crafting custom admin panels, managing project systems, or curating business web application, Bootstrap admin Dashboard offers the versatility you need to succeed. This whole package of Components comes with sub components features for e.g.

UI Elements of Bx-Code Admin


UI Elements Includes :

  • Buttons
  • Color
  • Dropdown
  • General
  • Icons
  • Advanced Medias
  • Draggable Portlets
  • Ribbons
  • Sliders
  • Tabs
  • Sweet Alert
  • Timeline

and Many More


Embark on a journey of efficiency and innovation with Bootstrap Admin Template. From sales optimization to support streamlining and data-driven decision-making, our trio of dashboards empowers you to unlock your full potential. Experience the difference with Bx-Code and redefine the way you work. Maximize efficiency, streamline processes, and transform data into insights with ease. Your journey to success starts here, with Bx-Code.